The Salvation Army Trading Company is always encouraging their Head Office staff to take a day away from their desks and volunteer in their local shop.

Andrew, from our Customer Service Team, gives his account of his day of volunteering in our Stevenage shop:

Having the opportunity to take a day out of my usual work schedule (and commute!) and volunteering in my local charity shop, Stevenage, was a great experience. After meeting with the shop manager, Lorraine, I was given my first task of assisting customers on the till. This is something I do in my daily job anyway, working on the customer service team within SP&S, so I was quite comfortable doing this. Throughout the day I also assisted in wading my way through the donations that had been made and deciding which items were suitable for the shop floor and pricing them accordingly after I had tried my hand at steaming the clothes, without burning myself!

During my days work I got the chance to speak to some of the volunteers at this shop who give up their time on a regular basis to help out, and to understand exactly why they volunteer. There are around 25 volunteers that cover the book section, and I managed to speak to a few of them during the day.

Claire has been a volunteer for a number of different charities and will give her time to those who wish to talk Jeff attends Stevenage Salvation Army Corps andhas decided that he wishes to give his service back to God.

It is very encouraging to find out that the Charity shop sector is also working with the local Police and other authorities to assist those carrying out community service as well as younger teenagers who they are working with to try and give them a better future.

I was really surprised at the amount of work that needs to be completed on a daily basis in the shop – from sorting, tagging steaming and hanging as well as assistance on the shop floor. Shops like Stevenage couldn’t continue with the help and support of the volunteers that they have and I really admire anyone who gives any amount of their time to help.

Shop: Stevenage