Let's pave the way for a positive 2017

If you weren’t aware, it’s the New Year! It is now well and truly 2017. And with a new year, comes a new you, right?

The beauty of our calendar is that we get (what feels like) a clean slate every 365 days. This is a chance to reflect on the year that has been, the good and the not so good, and think about what we’d like to do differently in the coming year. Many of us will make specific resolutions: lose weight, quit a bad habit, save money. Many will decide to make more subtle changes in their lives: go to the cinema more, read more, spend more time with family. Whatever it is, we all tend to think about how we can improve our lives each new year. There are certainly sceptics who would say that 1st January is just another day and there’s no reason that 2017 should be any different to 2016. But why not take the opportunity to make some positive changes in your life. And even better, why not think about ways that you can make a positive impact on other peoples’ lives. Here are some suggestions of resolutions you could make this year to make a difference  

  1. Donate your gifts. Following the festive season, does your home resemble the stock room of a department store with enough soap gift sets to open your own Boots branch? And how many pairs of socks did you receive? If you have any duplicated or unwanted Christmas gifts this year, instead of leaving them in storage to gather dust, why not donate them to your local Salvation Army charity shop? Then, when your items are sold the money goes directly to supporting the work of The Salvation Army. Which means that your pair of shoes could give a homeless person a bed for the night. Or your woolly jumper could give a meal to someone living in poverty.
  2. Meet your neighbours. While some people would consider their neighbours close friends, others don’t even speak to them past the usual ‘Good morning’. This year, why not take the time to really get to know your neighbours. You may find you have similar interests or that they’re in need of something you can help with (or vice versa!).
  3. Give time. We can’t all afford to give financially to charity or to our communities. This new year why not think about giving time instead. Our charity shops could not function without the help of our volunteers. Volunteering with us is a great way to meet new people and learn new skills whilst giving back to your community. For more information on volunteering, visit your local shop.
  4. Acts of random kindness. Why not challenge yourself to an act of random kindness each week. This could be anything from complimenting someone to buying a friend a coffee, washing someone’s car, baking someone a treat, the possibilities are endless. The internet is full of ideas if you want to perform an act of random kindness. 
  5. Spend less. The increasing cost of living means we could all do with saving a few pennies. Why not commit to spending less in high street shops this year and instead buy clothing, shoes and accessories from your local charity shop. You might be surprised at what you find – check out these gems that we’ve found in a Salvation Army Charity Shop.
     Black heeled shoes, £6.99
     Coat with faux fur collar, £24.99 
     Patterened scarf, £2.99