The Salvation Army charity shop on George Street in Altrincham is to hold an event to drive interest in volunteering on 24th February to encourage members of the community to give their time to the shop.

Shop manager, Cristina Constantinescu, is keen to spread awareness for the skills and qualifications available through volunteering at the shop and is focusing her efforts on recruiting new volunteers who could benefit.

The Salvation Army shop has been open in Altrincham for eight months, and Cristina wants to encourage people who are currently looking for employment to give some of their time each week, because she knows that through volunteering, people can learn valuable skills and develop their CVs. During their time at the shop, volunteers can work towards an NVQ in Customer Service, which could help lead to permanent employment opportunities. Cristina said: “We want to provide a stepping stone for those who are looking for work ; we know that the skills they can learn with us could help with their personal and career development.”

The volunteer event on Friday will promote these career development benefits that some people may be unaware of, and manager Cristina hopes to engage interest and provide useful information to potential volunteers.

Cristina adds: “Volunteering is a great way to meet new people, and our shop is a social environment where people can enjoy their work. And there’s always a cup of tea on offer!”

The charity shop relies on the help of local volunteers. Cristina said: “We really couldn’t function without our fantastic team of volunteers. Their hard work allows us to raise money for The Salvation Army, which works to support vulnerable people, and I think our volunteers really value the fact that they are making a difference.”

If you’re interested in volunteering at The Salvation Army charity shop, speak to shop manager, Cristina Constantinescu, at the Altrincham Job Centre (Roberts House, 80 Manchester Rd, WA14 4PU) on 24th February or call 0161 929 4125. You can also pop into the shop on George Street to find out more.