Salvation Army Trading Company start an exciting new venture as their branded tea bags are launched in over 1700 Co-operative shops across the UK.

This new partnership is a big step for the charity’s Trading Company, and profits made from this fair-trade tea will help to fund the work of The Salvation Army – so when you sip your cuppa you can know you’re helping others.

Procurement Manager, Lee Parker, has seen this project through: “We’re really excited about this new endeavour and are proud to be partnered with the Co-op. We hope that this product will not only bring financial benefit for the charity, but also that it will help to spread the word of the great work they are doing.”

It’s been said many times that “there’s nothing like an army cup of tea”...there was even a song written about it 50 years ago! The saying dates back to World War I, when The Salvation Army’s tea vans provided refreshments to those who were serving in the military. To this day, The Salvation Army is still present in times of crisis and their Emergency Response Unit has vehicles across the country that provide a warm cup of tea and a listening ear to those who have witnessed or been involved in tragedy. Salvation Army Trading Company want to pay tribute to this amazing work, and launching their own brand of tea seemed the perfect way to do this. 

Mr Parker said “People know that the Sally Army make a good cup of tea and this new product celebrates this!”