Salvation Army launches new Fairtrade tea product into its charity shops

The Salvation Army Trading Company, which runs over 200 charity shops in the UK, has launched a brand new Fairtrade tea product for purveyors of a fine brew. The charity has long been known for serving tea in times of need, and now tea drinkers across the country will be able to get their hands on a Salvation Army cuppa as the box of teabags is sold in selected charity shops.

The Salvation Army is synonymous with tea. Not least because it is immortalised in the song, ‘Oh there’s nothing like an Army cup of tea’, taken from the Salvation Army’s own musical, Take Over Bid. But tea is also synonymous in Britain with comfort, and from their beginnings in the late 1800s, Salvationists would serve tea and hot meals to people living in desperate poverty. During the first and second world wars, The Salvation Army would be at the front line with pastoral support and a warm brew. Even today, The Salvation Army’s fleet of emergency response vehicles will assist at scenes of disasters, offering refreshments to the emergency services as well as those affected at the scene; in 2005, The Salvation Army was at the heart of the 7/7 bombings with its disaster response expertise, council for victims, and of course, cups of tea.

Paul Wright, head of retail operations for Salvation Army Trading Company, said: “I’m delighted to finally launch our very own Salvation Army tea. Drinking tea in the UK is symbolic in so many ways – it’s offered as comfort when people are sad, it’s brought out among gatherings of groups of friends, it’s offered as a welcome as you walk through someone’s front door, it’s a time-out, a relaxant, even an invigorator. For The Salvation Army, which is very much known as a caring and compassionate organisation, tea symbolises its unwavering commitment to helping people in need. And I can personally vouch for the flavour of our Salvation Army tea! It’s perfect with a good chocolate biscuit!”

The profit from the boxes of 80 Fairtrade tea bags will go directly to helping the work of The Salvation Army in the UK. This includes homelessness and addiction services, care for older people, help at emergency incidents, support for adult victims of human trafficking in England and Wales, a Family Tracing Service and much, much more.

About the tea... the launch of Salvation Army tea will initially be rolled out to selected branches of its charity shops. Traded in 100% compliance with Fairtrade Standards, the finest teas from India and Africa have been used to bring a bold, bright blend. Assam teas, from the north east of India are carefully selected for their strength and colour. These have been carefully matched with full flavoured Kenya teas to give a well-rounded blend, suitable for drinking all day long.