Callum's story

This National Volunteer Week we are saying thank you to all our fabulous volunteers because without them, our shops would not be able to function and we wouldn’t be able to raise funds for The Salvation Army.

We have heard from Callum, a volunteer in our Dunfermline shop, who explains why he volunteers with us:

I have been buying from the Salvation Army Charity shop in the Dunfermline High Street for more than five years now and have been volunteering in the shop for more than two years, starting at the age of 16. I decided to start volunteering when one of the members of staff suggested it to me; I thought it would be graet work experience.

I had no previous experience of working in retail, or even working at all! When I initially started my volunteering, I was taught how to tag, hang and clean clothes. After working with the clothes for about two weeks I asked if I could work with the books in the shop as I love buying and reading them. Straight away I was told how to price books, at what price they should go out for and where to put them, and I have thoroughly enjoyed doing it ever since.

I have also learned to use the cash register and how to serve customers. The well instructed staff members taught me how to use the till, and after a couple of weeks I managed to become comfortable in dealing with money along with cash and credit card transactions. I was nervous at first serving customers but after persevering and with practice I gained more confidence and started to enjoy talking to the customers and assisting anyone that needed help.

I have also made some very good friends in the Dunfermline Salvation Army shop. While working weekends and holidays around school time, I spent more and more time getting to know the staff and they have helped me enormously ever since I stepped through the door. Now that I know them better, we have a good laugh and I am privileged to be part of such a fun and hardworking team. 

I would like to thank the managers of the shop especially as they have always supported me and encouraged my work and have solved all the problems I have had. All the members of the shop greet me with a warm smile in the mornings when I arrive.

After working in the shop for about a year I joined the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and the Lions Young Leaders in Service Award through my school. I have used the hours I have worked in the Salvation Army and put them towards the two award schemes. Just last week I received a gold award from the Lions Young Leaders in Service Award for 100 hours of voluntary work in a 12 month period.

I love working in the Salvation Army and I hope to continue working with this great charity.

Congratulations, Callum, on a wonderful achievement. Thank you so much for your time and commitment.

Shop: Dunfermline