Many of us have already been bitten by the Bake-Off-bug, having been hooked in previous series, so it didn’t take long for us to resume our dreams of becoming baking masters when the BBC sensation returned a couple of weeks ago.

On Saturday 2nd September, The Salvation Army Charity shop in Ellesmere Port really got into the spirit, hosting their own Junior Bake Off Challenge. After advertising their competition on their Facebook page, the shop staff were astounded by the response of the local children who wanted to join in.

On the day, the children, who were aged between 2 to 10, brought their homemade treats, which they had baked at home, to the shop on Marina Drive where they were displayed. Customers were invited to purchase the cakes while staff members judged which entry was the best. Shop Manager Debbie and her assistant Lisa said, ‘We couldn’t decided on a winner as all the entries were so impressive, so all the children received a ‘thank you’ certificate and a box of chocolates’.

Overall, the shop managed to raise £54 on the sale of cakes alone, as well as raising their profile in the area and encouraging children to get involved. One customer said ‘I love this shop, it’s all about community’. All credit goes to shop assistant Lisa Cross who organised the event, and is looking forward to more of the same in the future.

Shop: Ellesmere Port