A guide to getting rid

We’ve moved on from January. We’re approaching Spring. Does anyone else feel like they need a good clear out at home?

Sometimes it takes a bit of encouragement to get on and de-clutter, but if a cluttered home leads to a cluttered mind then we should certainly attempt to get rid of what we no longer want or need.

Take a look at these top tips to master the pre-spring sort:

  • Your wardrobe. Turn all your hangers round in your wardrobe so they’re on the rail the wrong way. After a few months, you’ll be able to see which items of clothing you haven’t even touched. If you’re not wearing it, you should get rid of it.
  •  Shoes. Sort through that overflowing shoe cupboard and get rid of any duplicates (you only need one pair of black boots - honestly). Chuck out high heels that you can’t walk in and the broken shoes that you just haven’t managed to part with yet.  
  • Tackle your shelves. Even when things have a place in your home, they can still make a room feel cluttered. Target one shelf at a time, and ask yourself if you really need each item. If there is a book on your shelf that you’ve read and won’t read again, remove it.
  • Paperwork. Papers can easily be collected and before you know it your coffee table is covered. Important paperwork should be filed and kept in a safe place. If your paperwork doesn’t belong in this folder, it can probably be binned.
  • Honesty. Being honest with yourself is very important when deciding what to throw away. If you’re keeping something because it was a gift but you know you’ll never use it, be honest with yourself and give it a better home. If you know you’ll never be brave enough to wear that garish jacket then pass it on.
  •  Donate. By the end of the process you should have a collection of items that you’re looking to get rid of, many of which would be suitable to donate to your local Salvation Army charity shop*. Remember to Gift Aid so that The Salvation Army gets the most from your donation. Take a picture of your donation and share it on Facebook and Twitter with #sharethekindness


When you donate to a Salvation Army charity shop, you are helping to support vulnerable people in your community and across the UK. Thank you.

*For guidance on what you can donate, visit our website www.salvationarmytrading.org/donating