Rare collection of miniature cars sends charity shop sales rocketing

A Salvation Army charity shop in West Wickham saw sales sky rocket when a valuable miniature car collection was donated this month.

After receiving a phone call from the donor - who was soon to leave for a new life in Spain - Sandra Leech, Shop Manager, made space for 100 miniature cars. When the donation arrived, there were actually 300 cars in the collection, many being limited editions in black ash showcases.

The charity shop in South London has received its fair share of interesting donations, but none have exceeded expectations like this one.

Sandra said: “We couldn’t believe the size of the collection when we received it! From experience I know how important it is to research the value of collector’s items like this, and I was thrilled to discover that some of the cars were worth about £150.”

The display area at the back of the shop was used to showcase the cars, and after just four weeks every single car had been sold. The entire collection brought in sales of over £4000.

“I was really pleased with how well the cars sold, and so grateful to the gentleman who donated them. These kinds of donations don’t happen every day, but when they do I know that the funds raised will make such an impact to people who are helped by The Salvation Army”, Sandra added.

The Salvation Army supports some of the most vulnerable people in the UK, tackling issues such as homelessness, care for older people, unemployment, poverty and modern slavery. The church and charity also supports the UK’s emergency services in cities and towns across the UK by providing practical and emotional care to emergency services personnel.

Shop: West Wickham