Banbury welcomes charity retail innovation as ‘superstore’ opens
| 07 February 2018

The Salvation Army are opening a charity superstore in Banbury on 15 February, which is set to bring a new lease of life to charity shopping in the town.

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Superstore enters in to the Christmas season
| 23 October 2017

Yes, it’s only 23rd October. Yes, there are still two months until Christmas. But it’s never too early to prepare, right?!

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Consider yourself part of the furniture
| 07 August 2017

Your bedroom is a space for mostly sleeping. It’s where you store a lot of your belongings. It’s practical and serves a specific purpose. But we spend a lot of time in our bedrooms, and it’s usually the only room in the house that’s really ours. This means you can decorate it however you want, and use it to reflect your personality and character. It’s for you to enjoy! Expressing yourself through beds and wardrobes isn’t the easiest thing...the key to adding that wow factor is all in the accessories. Here are our top tips for making your bedroom more than just that

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Superstore opening is a roaring success
| 27 July 2017

The Salvation Army’s first “GREAT BIG Charity Superstore” drew in a crowd of hundreds of people today as its doors were opened for the first time.

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Salvation Army opens first superstore in Northampton
| 25 July 2017

One of the UK’s top charity retailers, The Salvation Army, is taking steps in charity shop innovation as they open their first charity superstore in Northampton on 27 July.

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